Hey darlings, I received a copy of this fabulous email from Sister Goddess Donna, Pleasure Poetress, Mama Extraordinaire, Brilliant Wife, and Fundraising Queen. She has recently moved back to town from New Orleans and plans to take my next Pleasure Revival class. I love what she has written and so I asked her if I could share it with you on my blog. She agreed! Whoo hoo!!

Here it is...

Hello Lovely Ladies of Richmond and Central VA!

I may have sent Elli Sparks’ Pleasure Revival info to you while I was in New Orleans, and now I am back in RVA to put my money where my mouth is. I would love to have the “pleasure” of your company on my personal pleasure revolution. It would “please” me to be part of yours as well!

I was a HUGE skeptic before dabbling. I thought what the h-ll is this load of bull but turns out it not! It’s actually really great. And if nothing else, it is a really nice way (and excuse!) to concentrate on what makes you feel good. And for me that means I can tackle almost anything when I feel good. Maybe it is the same for you.

I am really looking forward to the class and to meeting other women in Richmond who are interested in giving themselves and everyone around them the most enjoyment their lives can offer (and more!). You do not have to summon every ounce of energy for this…it about focus, direction, knowing yourself.

Think it’s all about sex? Wrong! Think it’s about a selfish way to consider yourself first and no one else? Wrong again. Pleasure begets pleasure—for you and anyone party to it. You probably already know this but if not, try it out for yourself. It is about working with “what you’ve got” and enjoying the “skin you’re in.”

May sound cliché, but it feels good & it makes living a lot easier and fun. It’s also about realizing and knowing your passions/dreams and living in a fulfilled way. It’s not to say that you don’t already do this…sometimes we could use a refresher course, a new perspective, a few friends along the way.

Think you are all set and don’t need it? Well done you! I want to be there! I wish that I could say that this is a part of my entire life but I get stuck at points in work life and family life and would love to make it smoother, happier, and more emotionally, spiritually and financially rewarding. (And I will! hee, hee!)

I hope that you will consider taking advantage of Elli's class. I would love to see you there.

SG Donna